Skullduggery – Quick ID Guide

ISBN: 9781775847267
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2021-01-06


In this short but informative guide, trusted authors Chris and Mathilde Stuart turn mammal ID on its head – literally. The identification of mammal skulls is the subject of this latest addition to the quirky ‘Quick Guide’ series, and covers the most common skulls readers are likely to encounter in the wild – from easily recognisable species such as elephant, hippo, rhino, baboons, antelope, whales and dolphins, to the more challenging family groups: dogs, cats, hyaenas, equids, pigs, civets and genets, mongooses, rats and mice, bats, sengis, shrews, moles, hares and rabbits, hyrax, and squirrels.

Each entry features:

Close-up photographs showing the entire skull, teeth and, where available, upper and lower jaws
Pointers to diagnostic features
Average measurement for skull length
Short description highlighting main features of each skull and tooth structure
Dental formula for teeth in upper and lower jaws
A brief introduction, with labelled photographs, covers anatomy as well as dentition; and a quick-reference photographic key to the main animal groups appears on the inside front cover.

An ideal companion to mammal field guides, this book will be appeal to rangers, safari guides and all nature lovers wanting to deepen their understanding of life in the bush.

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