Pocket Guide Snakes & Other Reptiles of Zambia & Malawi

ISBN: 9781775847168
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2023-08-01


Zambia and Malawi are home to 240 reptile species, of which 114 are snakes, 108 lizards, 14terrapins and tortoises, and 2 crocodiles. Of these, 15 species occur nowhere else on Earth.

The first accessible pocket guide to the reptiles of these two tropical countries describes 186 of the most commonly encountered and colourful species, as well as those that are less conspicuous, rare and endemic to the region. A brief, informative introduction details the region’s reptile diversity and habitat types and outlines different venom types and snakebite treatments.

Handy and compact, this up-to-date guide makes a trusted travelling companion on trips to the wildlife areas, parks and reserves of these two spectacular countries.

– Succinct species descriptions cover key identification features.
– Clear full-colour photographs accompany species descriptions.
– Up-to-date distribution maps show the range of each species.
– Symbols for snake species denote the level of danger each snake’s venom poses for humans, from harmless to life-threatening.

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