Tracker Manual

ISBN: 9781775847748
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2024-03-24


Featuring all-new spoor drawings, some 200 new photographs and an extra 35 species, this fully revised and updated edition of the ever-popular Tracker Manual is packed with the latest on the art of tracking. Based on information developed by some of southern Africa’s best traditional trackers, Tracker Manual gives even more guidance on how to identify the spoor of some 190 animal species. Individual chapters cover carnivores, large mammals, antelopes, small mammals, primates, hares and rodents, amphibians and reptiles, birds and insects. Each account contains:
• Simple, bulleted text on key points of each animal’s tracks
• Clear, accurate track drawings
• Numerous informative photographs, sometimes annotated
• A list of similar tracks (where applicable), to avoid misidentification.
An instructive introduction describes the science of tracking and outlines what to look for in the field, while a quick-reference table compares tracks that are easily confused. This detailed and richly illustrated manual to the region’s most common animal tracks and signs will prove invaluable in the field.

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