Stargazing From Game Reserves in Southern Africa

Author: Anthony, Fairall
ISBN: 9781770072152
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2006-04-10


A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, Stargazing from Game Reserves in Southern Africa offers visitors to game and nature parks an exciting night-time activity, giving them an opportunity to turn their binoculars skyward after dark. The author takes readers on a brief celestial ‘game drive’, first setting the scene and then directing them towards the ‘Big Five’ constellations of the night-sky, with clear steps on how to find them. There is also a chapter on tracking the planets and tips on spotting the moons of Jupiter and the crescent of Venus. The book concludes with a set of 12 star maps. Expertly illustrated with colour photographs and drawings, the book also features useful tips and hints for all keen star-watchers.

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