African Seashores to Read, Colour & Keep

Author: Sally MacLarty
ISBN: 9781770078925
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2010-06-01


Children will enjoy hours of fun colouring in this selection of our most striking seashore life – more than 40 of the brightest, most fascinating, commonly known creatures and plants from our local shores. In the middle of the book is a full-colour gallery of all the featured shore life, giving a clear guide as to which shade of crayon or paint to use when colouring in the outlined images throughout the book. As they work through the book, budding artists and inquisitive children will also be able to pick up snippets of knowledge about the creatures, such as how the colourful sea anemone overpowers its prey; whether the sponge is an animal; how the starfish pulls its stomach outside of its body to eat; why the hermit crab’s homes are all second-hand; and the bag of tricks used by that master of disguise, the octopus.

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