Quick ID Guide: Wildflowers Cape Peninsula

ISBN: 9781775846406
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2019-08-29


Written with the non-specialist in mind, this guide is a must-have for flower lovers, hikers, tour guides and tourists – anyone interested in identifying the wild flowers that grace the Cape Peninsula. Quick ID Guide: Wild Flowers of the Cape Peninsula covers the most remarkable and commonly seen wild flowers of Table Mountain, Silvermine and Cape Point. The book was originally published as Common Wild Flowers of Table Mountain in 2007, then revised in 2013 to include the flowers of Silvermine.

This new edition offers:

360 (previously 208) of the region’s most remarkable and commonly seen wild flowers
Clear photographs of all featured flowers and concise, informative text
Flowers grouped according to colour, to help with quick ID
Walking routes in the Peninsula’s famed reserves, plotted on 3 clear maps.
Illustrated glossary of terms

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