Quentin Luke is a freelance botanical consultant and senior research associate at the
East African Herbarium, National Museums of Kenya, in Nairobi. A world authority on tropical African botany, he has worked in 12 tropical African countries. Currently, he is Chair of the IUCN-SSC Eastern African Red List Authority.

  • 100 Trees to on See Safari – East Africa

    East Africa is a premier wildlife destination, well known for its mass migrations of herds and fearsome predators. But as iconic are the trees that grow there: among them mangroves, cycads, palms, marulas, acacias, sausage trees, fever trees, toothbrush trees and giant bamboos. This book showcases 100 of the region’s most visible and significant trees, arranged by the habitats in which they occur. It features:

    Concise descriptions of each tree and its parts, plus notes about the various uses of the tree parts
    Multiple images showing the full tree and key ID features, including flowers, leaves, fruit and bark
    Where to see the trees, including the national parks and nature reserves
    A brief introduction to the trees of the region and their vegetation zones

    Colourful, interesting and geared for quick tree identification, this handy guide will enhance any safari experience in East Africa.