Minerals & Gemstones of East Africa

ISBN: 9781775845560
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2019-09-30


East Africa is famous for its world-class gemstones and mineral specimens, most notably the highly sought-after blue tanzanite, found only in Tanzania in a very small area in the northeast. Many other minerals and gemstones are mined in the region and this is the first publication to showcase and examine those occurring in the five countries that make up East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi.

The book includes:

An introduction to the fascinating geology of the region, including a map depicting underlying geology and mineral occurrence
Detailed descriptions of minerals, including their gemological properties, history, occurrence and diverse uses across all spheres of life (from jewellery to numerous household items and even space-shuttle components)
Multiple full-colour photographs of each mineral and gem specimen

An invaluable reference for collectors, gemologists, students and anyone with an interest in the earth sciences.

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