50 Must-See Geological Sites in SA

Author: Gavin Whitfield
ISBN: 9781920572501
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2015-09-30


South Africa has just about the richest geological heritage on the planet. By showcasing 50 must-see sites, this guide describes why, where and how to enjoy it.

The book presents 50 of the most recognizable and geologically interesting sites around South Africa, including some of palaeontological or historical renown and some of mining interest. The diverse selection includes sites such as Chapman’s Peak, Howick Falls, Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, Mapungubwe, Tswaing Meteorite Crater and the Fraserburg Fossil Surface.

Each site is unpacked to reveal:
– key features
– geological heritage
– landscape and rock formations
– topics of local or historical interest
– things to see and do at the site and in the surrounding area.

Maps and GPS pointers make the sites easy to find, and some of the more complicated features are explained by means of simplified diagrams. Nearly 1,000 colour images illustrate South Africa’s remarkable geology and bring the topic vividly to life, making the book suitable for armchair travel too.

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