Geological Highlights of East African National Parks

Author: Roger Scoon
ISBN: 9781775847779
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2022-06-30


The national parks and reserves of East Africa are widely known for their rich and abundant wildlife. This book presents a new and exciting angle – the geological highlights of the region’s intriguing landscape. East Africa’s cataclysmic volcanic legacy, caused by rifting of the landmass, has resulted in a rich source of geological wonders. These range from the seemingly endless, peaceful plains of the Serengeti to the stark skyscraper walls of extinct calderas and the belching vents of the Nyiragongo Volcano.
This handy guide escorts users around all the major – and some minor – parks of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and the Virunga Mountains along the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Descriptions of each park and its wildlife, both fauna and flora, preface discussion of the geological origins, influences and current conditions. Key geosites in the parks, and how to access them, are indicated. Maps, satellite images and diagrams, along with vivid photography, help explain the dramatic landforms.
For anyone planning a safari to the legendary East African game parks and reserves, this book adds an exciting new dimension.

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