Garden Birds in Southern Africa

Author: Duncan Butchart
ISBN: 9781775844747
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2017-09-28


This guide profiles 101 garden birds likely to be found in gardens across southern Africa, informing readers about what to look and listen for, and where and when.
It is also an inspirational guide to creating a bird-friendly garden that is also a reservoir of biodiversity, wherever you are in the region. With an attractive layout and multiple colour images, it offers the following:
  • Descriptions and photos of 101 garden birds
  • How to get to know your local species, their feeding, breeding, calls and general behaviour
  • How to design your garden to attract the widest range of birds and other wildlife
  • The best plants and structures to provide food and shelter for birds
  • Detailed lists of recommended trees, shrubs, climbers, aloes and grasses

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