African Baobab

Author: Rupert Watson
ISBN: 9781775848691
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2024-03-22


Baobab trees are living monuments, the oldest natural things in Africa, outlasting every plant and animal around them. Surviving in some of the driest, rockiest areas of this continent, paradoxically they live longer and grow larger than most other trees in the world.

In this absorbing and inspired new edition of The African Baobab,  author Rupert Watson explores the life and times of this fascinating tree, from its early Madagascan beginnings to its present status on the continent and its future in a changing Africa. It is a compelling read on an African icon that has intrigued travelers for hundreds of years.

The narrative effortlessly blends natural science, history and personal observations, sometimes drawing on extracts from the journals of early explorers. There are intriguing accounts of the baobab’s eccentric growth and reproductive habits, its present-day distribution, and its wide impact on everyday African life. Watson also takes a close look at the relationship between humans and baobabs, and the tree’s myriad uses over the ages, from shelters to medicinal and spiritual applications.

Aimed at naturalists, environmentalists, botanical enthusiasts, travellers, and anyone awed by the wonders of plants, this book cannot but inspire.

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