Pocket Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa

ISBN: 9781770078611
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2011-04-01


This title is available in three languages

This easy-to-use, compact book is the perfect pocket ID guide to mammals of the region. It covers – in surprising detail – some 120 mammals, from the smallest (bats, sengis and shrews) to the largest, such as elephant, lion and rhinoceros, as well as marine species, such as seals, dolphins and whales.

Authoritative and colourfully illustrated, this guide offers concise information on key ID pointers, similar species, habitat, behaviour, diet, reproduction, longevity, calls, occurrence and measurements. Clear images of each animal, distribution maps, silhouettes indicating size relative to humans and illustrations of tracks and droppings make this a must-have book for tourists and nature-lovers alike.

Afrikaans: Sakgids Soogdiere van Suider-Afrika ISBN 9781770078864
German: Taschenführer Säugetiere Südliches Afrika ISBN 9781770078871 English: Pocket Guide: Mammals of Southern Africa ISBN 9781770078611

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