Nature Now Insects and Other Critters of Kruger

Author: Joan Young
ISBN: 9781775848219
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2023-01-05


Besides being a world-famous game-viewing destination, the Kruger National Park is
home to an incredible diversity of bugs, beetles, butterflies, spiders, scorpions and other creepy-crawlies. Packed with colour photographs, this visual guide will appeal to anyone keen to identify and learn more about the Park’s infinite variety of smaller inhabitants. Find out what
happens inside a termite mound, how ladybirds protect themselves from predators, and why dung beetles race to fresh dung pats. This handy book:

– Spans 30 groups, including moths, beetles, wasps, crickets and spiders, and features over 200 commonly encountered species
– Contains vivid photographs of Kruger’s most interesting and attractive critters
– Unpacks noteworthy behaviours and biology
– Introduces key concepts, such as mimicry, cryptic coloration, metamorphosis, parasitism and pollination
– Includes bug-watching and photography tips for beginners

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