Get Bushwise: Bushveld Safaris

Author: Nadine Clarke
ISBN: 9781868727360
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2001-01-01

R240.00 R204.00

In Get Bushwise – A Bushveld Safari, Jabu the Shangaan guide takes the reader on a trail through the lowveld, or more specifically, through the Kruger National park. Chapters are organised around a range of topics, such as ‘Bushveld supermarket’ (items from nature that have practical applications), ‘Feeding levels’ (showing how and where different animals feed – from roots and grass through to the tree tops), ‘Self defence’ (how animals defend themselves), and ‘The night shift’ (focusing on the habits of nocturnal animals). In each scenario, Jabu discusses the balance and efficiency of nature, points out its extraordinary features , and explains how people have, in the past, lived in harmony with nature – and why it’s important for us to continue to do so. Visit the Get Bushwise website at

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