Dr Jeanne Tarrant is an expert on frogs and heads up the reatened Amphibian Programme at the Endangered Wildlife Trust. She spends most of her time implementing conservation policies, and raising public awareness about frogs through educational outreach initiatives.

  • My First Book of Southern African Frogs – New Edition

    Frogs are appealing and colourful creatures and live just about anywhere, even in deserts. My first book of Southern African Frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and their calls – made instantly accessible in this new edition by scanning a QR code.

    A short introduction outlines the main features of frogs and includes an illustration detailing their life cycle. For each species, there is:

    • a short description in four languages, describing the frog’s main characteristics
    • a full-colour illustration of the frog, and visual clues to its size and eggs
    • a distribution map
    • an illustrated habitat bar with an arrow to indicate where each frog is likely to be found

    This charming introduction to frogs and their calls will keep children happily absorbed for hours.The parallel translations make this book suitable for mother-tongue learners in four official languages and those children wanting to improve their knowledge of a second or third language.