Field Guide to Succulents of Southern Africa

Author: Gideon Smith
ISBN: 9781775843672
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2017-05-31


Southern Africa is the natural home of the richest and most diverse succulent flora in the world. These plants come in all shapes and sizes, from trees such as the baobab at more than 20 m tall, to miniature soil huggers, just a few millimetres high, which mimic their pebble-desert surroundings. This user-friendly, richly illustrated field guide features more than 700 southern African succulents, focusing on the most interesting and commonly encountered species. An introduction to families and their key features will help readers identify the relevant plant group, while concise accounts describing the plants’ diagnostic features, along with distribution maps, will enable quick ID of species.  More than just an ID guide for plant lovers, this book will inspire gardeners who are turning to indigenous, low-maintenance and water-wise plants for cultivation.

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