Avian Architects: Quick ID Guide

ISBN: 9781775847434
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2021-01-06


Another title in the ‘Quick Guide’ series, this compact little book is a handy identification guide to the surprising variety of nests built by southern African birds. Covering multiple species, it is arranged according to nest type – ground, woven, stick, cup, mud-pellet and domed, as well as nests in tree holes, on water, on cliffs and in scrapes on the ground. It is packed with photographs and illustrations showing the ingenuity of the designs, the birds that built them, and the eggs that are laid in them. In pithy fashion, the text – matched to the photographs – describes:

nesting site and nest structure
building materials used to construct outer and inner layers
nesting habits of the architects
clutch size

A simple key to nest types on the inside front cover directs readers to the relevant section in the book.

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