An illustrated guide to Medicinal Plants of East Africa

ISBN: 9781775847878
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2022-09-08


Medicinal Plants of East Africa is the first photographically illustrated guide to showcase the most important healing plants of the region. e book describes 136 plant species in everyday use in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Brief descriptions of each species cover that plant’s appearance, ecology and specific medicinal uses. To aid identification, more than 600 colour photographs have been included. Also included are recipes for remedies to treat a wide range of ailments. An easy-to-understand summary of the science behind the treatments concludes each section.

Supplementary features:
– Introduction to the medicinal virtues and active ingredients of plants
– Common methods of preparing medicines from plant materials
– Summary of ailments and the plants prescribed to treat them
– Glossaries of medical and botanical terminology and extensive reference lists.

Medicinal Plants of East Africa will appeal to ethnobotanists, health and wellness practitioners, travellers and all with an interest in the remarkable healing properties of plants.

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