A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World

ISBN: 9781775847762
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2021-07-29


Sharks are some of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. We still have much to learn about these fascinating creatures, but time is running out: sharks are more seriously threatened with extinction and in greater need of conservation and management than any other major group of vertebrates.

A Pocket Guide to Sharks of the World is the only field guide to identify, illustrate and describe every known shark species. Its compact format makes it handy for many situations, including recognising living species, fishery catches, or parts sold at markets. This expanded second edition presents lavish images, details on newly discovered species, and updated text throughout. It contains useful sections on the ID of shark teeth and shark fins most commonly encountered in the fin trade, and takes a look at shark biology, ecology and conservation.

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