Hiking Beyond Cape Town

Author: Nina du Plessis
ISBN: 9781775848431
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2023-07-01


Hiking Beyond Cape Town opens a gateway to the myriad trails and tracks that await hikers – young and old, novice and experienced – beyond the confines of the city.

This collection of day trips outside of Cape Town features 40 trails, fanning out from the south coast to the west and covering a range of varied hikes in between. Ranging between 2 to 7 hours, the hikes are tailored for single-day trips, although a handful will require overnighting. Each hike entry includes an accurate, up-to-date route description, a map of the trail, and directions for getting to the start. In each case, an upfront summary outlines the distance, duration, grade of difficulty, and elevation of the hike, as well as other details. Striking colour photographs and observations about the plant and animal life along the route add lively interest.

A brief introduction provides expert advice on gear, planning and preparation.

An essential reference for hikers keen to explore new horizons.

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