Heléne Booyens holds honours degrees in Conservation Ecology and Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch and a former agricultural and environmental journalist.

  • Soogdier-Safari Aktiwiteitsboek

    Hierdie prettige aktiwiteitsboek is propvol speletjies, blokraaisels, doolhowe en kopkrappers oor Afrika se soogdiere, asook interessante het-jy-geweet-brokkies. Meer as 70 verskillende spesies pryk op die blaaie: van die yslike olifant tot die kleine duinmol.
    Dié kleurvolle, aangrypende boek is ideaal vir kinders tussen ses en nege. Dit tref ’n goeie balans tussen eenvoudige aktiwiteite, soos ‘vind die pad deur die doolhof ’en ‘soek die verskille’, en meer uitdagende kopkrappers. Soos kinders lees en leer oor Afrika se diere, kan hulle taaier raaisels oplos: watter welpie behoort aan die luiperd en watter aan die jagluiperd? Is hierdie bok ’n ram of ’n ooi? Kan jy die sterte by die regte koppe pas? Hierdie aktiwiteite vuur jong natuurliefhebber se verbeelding aan en verskaf ure se vermaak.
    Die Soogdier-Safari Aktiwiteitsboek vat kinders op ’n avontuur deur Afrika se wildernis – of hulle dit nou saamdra op safari, of tuis in hul eie den geniet.
    R170.00 R144.50
  • Mammal Safari Activity Book

    This lively activity book is jam-packed with puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, mazes and word games about African mammals, as well as interesting facts and did-you-knows. Over 70 species feature – from the towering giraffe to the tiny naked mole-rat. Ideal for children aged 6–9 years, this colourful, interactive book strikes a balance between simple activities, such as find-the-way, spot-the-difference and odd-one-out, and more challenging brainteasers as children read on and learn about African wildlife.

    How do you tell a baby cheetah and leopard apart? Can you match the animals’ heads to their tails? Which mammals live underground? Which antelope are male and which are female? These riddles, and many others, are designed to ignite imagination of young minds while also providing hours of entertainment.

    Engaging and enchanting, the Mammal Safari Activity Book will take children on a wild adventure through the African bush – whether as a companion on safari or at home in their own dens.

    R170.00 R144.50