George Branch is an internationally acclaimed award-winning scientist with a passion for communicating the rich diversity of our marine world.

  • Two Oceans A guide to the Marine Life of Southern Africa

    More than 2,200 species are described in this expanded, fully revised edition, which includes an additional 125 species, 260 updated species names, 190 new photographs and revised distribution maps. Bursting with life and vibrant in colour, Two Oceans is a celebration of the extraordinary diversity of life that inhabits the sea and surrounding coastline. For over 25 years, this award-winning guide has been the pre-eminent book to which scientists, students, beachcombers and divers turn to identify and learn about marine life, from sponges to fishes, birds to whales and seaweeds to dune forests.

    Key features include:
    – Expanded and revised: 125 species added and 190 new photographs
    – Accurate and up-to-date distribution maps
    – Spectacular full-colour photographs
    – Highly accomplished author team

    The authors, George and Margo Branch, Charles Griffiths and Lynnath Beckley are internationally acclaimed award-winning scientists with a passion for communicating the rich diversity of our marine world.

  • Living Shores of Southern Africa Hardback

    Originally published in 1981, Living Shores was for many years the standard reference for marine science students but was also embraced by a popular market for its fascinating insights into marine and coastal habitats and the life they support. After a long absence, this classic has been revived and thoroughly reworked to incorporate the many dramatic changes that our oceans and coasts have undergone over the past few decades.

    This book is the first of a two volume set, and examines the different marine ecosystems and how humankind interacts with them. It discusses the evolution of the sea and continents and looks at the ecology of coastal systems, including inter-tidal zones, beaches, dunes, estuaries, islands, kelp forests and reefs. The book unpacks the relationship between humans and the marine environment, and the consequences of harvesting and mining to meet our needs. It also addresses the impact of climate change, and highlights what can be done to protect our environment.

    Richly supported by full-colour photography and numerous explanatory illustrations, diagrams and graphs, this book will prove invaluable to students and teachers but will also appeal to anyone with a fascination for nature and our marine world in particular.