Louis du Preez is a professor of Zoology at North-West University and holds a PhD in amphibian parasitology. He heads the African Amphibian Conservation Research Group. His research focus is on amphibians, especially their conservation, parasites and diseases. He is the author of several books and co-author of the Frogs of Southern Africa mobile app.

  • Frogs of Southern Africa: A Complete Guide

    Frogs of Southern Africa: A Complete Guide remains the most authoritative and comprehensive treatment of the frogs of the region ever produced, covering all aspects of frog and tadpole biology and behaviour.

    This new edition (with a slight name change) has been thoroughly updated to reflect taxonomic changes based on the most recent research and DNA studies, and includes 12 new species and more than 130 new images. All 169 southern African frog species, and their tadpole stages, are fully described, along with their conservation status, calls, habitat and habits. Identification is made easy with the aid of over 1000 large, full-colour images, keys to species and summary panels on ‘Key ID points’ and ‘Distinctive characters’.

    Calls for most species can be accessed instantly via QR codes in the book or downloaded from a dedicated website. Spectrograms of the calls are also included in the book.

    Written by respected authorities in the field, this timely updated edition will be of benefit to all nature lovers, amateur ‘froggers’, students and professional scientists.

  • Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa

    Frogs & Frogging in South Africa offers amateur froggers an accessible and practical introduction to frog identification. This second edition of the highly popular guide has been expertly revised and fully updated to reflect the latest advances in taxonomy and nomenclature. It is now also available in Afrikaans as Paddas en Paddajolyt. It offers:

    all of the species in Africa south of latitude 22 °S;
    a section on frog biology and behaviour;
    how to photograph frogs and record their calls;
    how to attract frogs to your garden, and ideas for projects such as building a pond;
    the range of frog species to be found in different environmental niches;
    maps and colourful photographs with the updated accounts;
    a new key to the identification of tadpole genera;
    a CDwith all 115 frog calls, which offer one of the best ways to find.