Stuarts’ Tracks & Scats of Southern Africa

The new Stuarts’ Tracks & Scats of Southern Africa  mobile app is a handy tool for deciphering the tracks, trails, droppings, bird pellets and other signs left by more than 250 mammals, birds and reptiles passing through the African bush.

Based on the latest edition of the highly successful book, Stuarts’ Field Guide to the Tracks & Signs of Southern, Central & East African Wildlife,  it covers ten countries, from South Africa through to Zambia.

The app includes highly accurate track and scat drawings, detailed species descriptions, multiple photographs and videos to give a comprehensive visual account of each animal’s tracks and signs. Additional smart search filters, including search-by-region functionality, and shortcut keys to tracks and scats allow for more accurate identification of spoor to family and species level.

Easy to navigate and covering both commonly found and more retiring species, this app is sure to become the go-to field aid for students, scientists and all nature lovers. 

Key Features

  • Covers over 250 southern African mammal, bird and reptile species
  • Detailed descriptions, accurate track and scat drawings and measurements
  • Multiple photographs of species, their tracks, trails and dung help with identification
  • Video footage of species in the wild
  • Identify species by track length, track shape, scat shape, habitat and region
  • Keep track of your sightings with extended Life List features
  • Compare two species side by side
  • Search species by English, Afrikaans, German & scientific names

Key Tool

Navigate the app by a set of keys showing the shape and size of the tracks and scat. This allows users to navigate quickly to the animal or group of species responsible for the track or scat in question.