Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

Accessible and easy-to-use, the NEW and IMPROVED Sasol eBirds Southern Africa app will enhance your birdwatching experience.

Key Features

  • Covers all 994 bird species in line with the latest taxonomical changes
  • Updated information with fresh input from new contributing authors
  • All species texts are in English AND Afrikaans
  • Over 1170 bird calls
  • More than 3200 photographs (no in-app purchase required)
  • New illustrations with finer attention to detail
  • Distribution maps updated with latest known ranges
  • Expanded life list functionality
  • Expanded Smart Search selections: Identify species by 11 search criteria.
  • Improved Location setting for more accurate results
  • Quick-Play bird calls right from the menu

Update Plan

This app will be updated regularly over the coming years. These updates will aim to improve on the content, features and functionality in the app, and they will be free to the customer. We value the input from customers, and urge you to email us at with any recommendations or features you’d like to see. 


Want to try the lite version first?

The LITE version of Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa is fully functional but includes ONLY 30 species, compared to 994 species in the full app. If you’d like to test before buying the full version, please check out the LITE version below.