Frogs of Southern Africa

Calling all nature lovers, amateur froggers, students and professional scientists – this unique frog identification app is for you! Authored by zoology professor Louis du Preez and environmental consultant Vincent Carruthers, Frogs of Southern Africa is the definitive tool that every frogger needs for easy and accurate frog identification in the field. Intuitive and accessible, this app introduces the user to all 177 frog species in southern Africa, with their tadpole stages, and makes it easy for froggers of all experience levels to identify frogs in their natural habitats. 
Now with a NEW and IMPROVED UI for easier navigation.
Each species contains detailed species information, maps, key ID points, conservation status and several high quality photographs. Each frog has a call, and most also have a high-definition video showing the species behaviour, mating, habitat and calls.
Identifying frogs in the field can be tricky, but this app has some smart ways to overcome the difficulties. The GPS feature automatically lists only those species that occur where you happen to be. Then four simple choices – the shape of the eye, the toe tips, the webbing and the digging heel – will further shorten your list of possible options, leaving you with only a handful of species to choose from.
A ‘compare’ function also allows you to view two different frogs side by side on the same screen. This will make it much easier to distinguish between species that are very similar. 
The app includes a life list feature, which allows the more serious frogger to store sightings, including the date, comments and the GPS location. This list can be exported to email. Suitable for nature lovers of all experience levels, the app is interesting, intuitive and beautifully presented, and gives the user detailed access to these secretive and often cryptic creatures. 

Key Feature

  • Covers all 177 frog species (and their tadpole stages) for easy identification
  • Updated information and taxonomy in English, Afrikaans and Scientific
  • Over 160 frog calls and more than 80 videos
  • Quick-Play frog calls right from the menu
  • More than 1600 photographs
  • Improved Smart Search functionality
  • Expanded life list functionality
  • Upload your own photographs to FrogMAP ADU via app