Stuarts’ Southern African Mammals 5th Ed

Discover and explore all 529 southern African mammal species with this comprehensive app by experts Chris and Mathilde Stuart. A fully updated and revised version of the best-selling eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa,  this app now extends coverage to Angola, Zambia, Malawi and northern Mozambique, featuring all southern African mammals, from aardvark, shrews and bats to the dolphins and whales that inhabit coastal and deeper waters.
Detailed species entries, photographs, videos, calls, distribution maps and search-by-country functionality enable quick identification, making this app the go-to field tool for students, scientists and all nature lovers.

Key Features

  • Covers all 529 southern African mammal species
  • Detailed species descriptions that offer insight into key ID points and typical behaviour
  • Calls and videos of mammals in their natural environments
  • More than 3000 photographs and illustrations, including animal-to-human size comparisons
  • Easily identify mammals by their tracks or droppings
  • The most recent research and taxonomy
  • Keep track of your sightings in a Life List
  • Search by country
  • Compare two species side by side
  • Search by English, French, German or scientific names