Mammals of the Kruger National Park

ISBN: 9780986992605
Format: N/A
Release Date:2023-09-05


This compact guide to Mammals of the Kruger National Park and Surrounding Bushveld presents all the mammals you are likely to see in the region. Although handy in size, it packs in an astonishing amount of information, with each mammal accompanied by photos, distribution map, skull and dropping images, track illustration, a box giving ID pointers, and fascinating information on physiology, habits and behaviours. The nearly 100 described mammals are divided into non-ruminants, ruminants, carnivores, non-carnivorous small mammals, rodents and shrews, and bats. Each group begins with a family tree showing the relationships of the mammals to one another and to other groups.

Packed with facts, interest boxes, special features, images and maps, this book not only makes for fascinating reading, but is an essential guide both for locals and visitors to the region.

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