Grasses & Grazers of Botswana & Surround

ISBN: 9781775841159
Format: N/A
Release Date:2023-09-05


An accessible reference to the grasses and grazers of this region, Veronica Roodt’s book details the fascinating ways in which these plants and animals have evolved together. The book covers:

– some 100 grass species (includes sketches and photographs of each species) that are preferred
livestock and wild game fodder and that serve as indicators of veld condition
– the role of grasses in the food chain
– grass anatomy and growth
– how grazers have evolved to survive on grasses, both physically and in terms of their behaviour
– significant grazers that occur in the region and that play a vital role in shaping the savanna biome
– effective grassland management practices.

Nature lovers, farmers, students and tourists who seek an in-depth look at the interactions between grasses and the grazers that depend on them for life need look no further than this invaluable guide.

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