Curly Chameleon

ISBN: 9781775840671
Format: Paperback
Release Date:2013-10-01


A delightful, captivating story about the adventures of a garden chameleon, told in rhyming verse. Comes with a full page of stickers to encourage further engagement with the story. The drawings are by Claire Norden who has a proven track record in illustrating children’s books. Her bright, evocative, playful images stimulate the imagination and draw readers in. The text offers insight into the real-life traits and habits of the common dwarf chameleon. An engaging adventure tale, it includes elements of unseen danger, narrow escapes, impending disaster and ultimate triumph. This second title in Struik Nature’s ‘Original African Tale’ series – set to become local classics – will have wide popular appeal with children and parents alike.

Ook beskikbaar en Afrikaans.

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