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  • Soogdier-Safari Aktiwiteitsboek

    Hierdie prettige aktiwiteitsboek is propvol speletjies, blokraaisels, doolhowe en kopkrappers oor Afrika se soogdiere, asook interessante het-jy-geweet-brokkies. Meer as 70 verskillende spesies pryk op die blaaie: van die yslike olifant tot die kleine duinmol.
    Dié kleurvolle, aangrypende boek is ideaal vir kinders tussen ses en nege. Dit tref ’n goeie balans tussen eenvoudige aktiwiteite, soos ‘vind die pad deur die doolhof ’en ‘soek die verskille’, en meer uitdagende kopkrappers. Soos kinders lees en leer oor Afrika se diere, kan hulle taaier raaisels oplos: watter welpie behoort aan die luiperd en watter aan die jagluiperd? Is hierdie bok ’n ram of ’n ooi? Kan jy die sterte by die regte koppe pas? Hierdie aktiwiteite vuur jong natuurliefhebber se verbeelding aan en verskaf ure se vermaak.
    Die Soogdier-Safari Aktiwiteitsboek vat kinders op ’n avontuur deur Afrika se wildernis – of hulle dit nou saamdra op safari, of tuis in hul eie den geniet.
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  • Mammal Safari Activity Book

    This lively activity book is jam-packed with puzzles, crosswords, quizzes, mazes and word games about African mammals, as well as interesting facts and did-you-knows. Over 70 species feature – from the towering giraffe to the tiny naked mole-rat. Ideal for children aged 6–9 years, this colourful, interactive book strikes a balance between simple activities, such as find-the-way, spot-the-difference and odd-one-out, and more challenging brainteasers as children read on and learn about African wildlife.

    How do you tell a baby cheetah and leopard apart? Can you match the animals’ heads to their tails? Which mammals live underground? Which antelope are male and which are female? These riddles, and many others, are designed to ignite imagination of young minds while also providing hours of entertainment.

    Engaging and enchanting, the Mammal Safari Activity Book will take children on a wild adventure through the African bush – whether as a companion on safari or at home in their own dens.

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  • Let’s Go on Safari

    What happens when 8-year-old Kate, on safari in South Africa with her family, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide? The two new friends – one from America, the other from South Africa – turn their adventures into a lively book in which they share facts and secrets about the African bushveld. At the same time, they show how young children everywhere can become advocates for wild animals.

    Let’s Go on Safari! combines daily entries in Kate’s African safari journal with insights from Michelle about the bushveld and wildlife. Kate discovers the wonders of wildlife contrasted with the threats that animals face. She is inspired to make a difference.

    The book provides examples of small-scale, achievable animal advocacy projects that kids can initiate in their own communities and schools.

    Let’s Go on Safari! has been endorsed by significant conservation bodies, including the Jane Goodall Institute, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Global Wildlife Conservation, an organisation working around the world to save endangered animals.

  • Landy 1: Landy HB

    The first book in the series, Landy, tells of Jack finding Landy abandoned at the bottom of a field and how they start their new life together.

  • Hagedash The Hadeda

    A captivating story, told in rhyming verse, about a hadeda who loves to sing. Hagedash and her family will be familiar characters to children across the country – the cast is drawn from the comical birds they see every day on garden lawns.

    The text offers insight into the real-life traits and habits of hadedas and tells the story of Hagedash, her happy meeting with Hagar and their growing family. The initially tranquil scene builds up to a great commotion, but it all ends peacefully.

    The bright, playful drawings are by Claire Norden who has a proven track record in illustrating children’s books. The book comes with a full page of stickers to encourage further engagement with the story.

    This third title in Struik Nature’s ‘Original African Tale’ series – set to become local classics – will have wide popular appeal with children and parents alike.


  • African Wildlife Trivia

    Africa is famous for its abundance and variety of wildlife, making it a great attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Dawid van Lill has produced a book of amazing records, facts and did-you-knows that cast new light on our extraordinary continent. From lists of ‘largests’ and ‘smallests’ to detailed accounts of exceptional features, we are introduced to a wide range of facts about the world around us. A lively design and light-hearted illustrations make the book highly accessible to both young and old. For serious trivia addicts, casual browsers, those seeking out specific information, or to spark ideas for further research, African Wildlife Trivia will delight and intrigue a wide readership. Also available in Afrikaans as Natuur-Trivia uit Afrika.

  • Kinders se voëls van Suider-Afrika

    Hierdie lewendige boek stel kinders voor aan meer as 60 van die voëlgroepe wat in Suider-Afrika te vind is: grasieuse flaminke, vinnige valke, juweel-agtige suikerbekkies, kordate neushoringvoëls en vele meer.

    Leer hoe om verskillende voëls te identifiseer en ontdek meer oor hul gedrag – hoe hulle kos soek, ‘n maat kies, ‘n nes bou, kuikens grootmaak en roofdiere vermy. ‘n Volledige inleiding verduidelik konsepte soos hofmakery, migrasie en

    Meer as 500 treffende foto’s is ingesluit, waarvan baie aantekeninge het_om_interessante eienskappe aan te toon.

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  • Kids’ Birds of Southern Africa

    This lively, jam-packed book introduces kids to more than 60 bird groups found in southern Africa: long-legged flamingos, speedy falcons, jewel-like sunbirds, plucky hornbills and many more.

    Learn to identify different birds, and discover their intriguing behaviours – how they find food, choose a mate, build a nest, raise their young and avoid predators. A detailed introduction explains birding concepts such as courtship, migration, mobbing and moulting.

    More than 500 stunning photographs are included, with many annotated to highlight interesting features and traits.

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  • Eyezingane Izinyoni zaseNingizimu ye-Afrika

    Le ncwadi ejabulisayo, egcwele mfi yethula izingane emaqenjini ezinyoni ezingaphezu kwama-60 ezitholakala eningizimu ne-Afrika: okholwase abanemilenze emide, oklebe abasheshayo, izincwincwi ezifana nejuba, izinsingizi ezinesibindi nezinye eziningi.

    Funda ukubona izinyoni ezihlukahlukene, futhi uthole nendlela ehlaba umxhwele eziziphatha ngayo-indlela ezithola ngayo ukudla, ezikhetha ngayo umlingani, ezakha ngayo isidleke, ezikhulisa ngayo amachwane azo nokuthi zizigwema kanjani izilwane ezizizingelayo. Isingeniso esinemininingwane sichaza okuphathelene nezinyoni okunjengokuthandana, ukufuduka, ukuhlala kwazo ngaziningi kanye nokwebuza.

    Kufakwe izithombe ezinhle ngokwedlulele ezingaphezu kwama-500, eziningi zichaziwe ukuze zigqamise izici nokuthile okuhlukile okuhlaba umxhwele ngazo.

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  • Protect our planet – take action with Romario

    Meet Romario Valentine, an 11-year-old eco-warrior from Durban, South Africa. Through his tree planting, beach clean-ups, avian art and other conservation projects in Africa and other parts of the world, this young activist has become a dynamic campaigner for the future health of our planet. In Protect our Planet, Romario enthusiastically guides young nature lovers through key environmental topics – from recycling and reforestation to pollution solutions and climate change.
    Topics covered in this book overlap with the Foundation Phase curriculum, and include:

    – The relationship between people and the environment
    – Renewable resources, such as solar power
    – Forestation and why trees matter
    – Types of pollution and the problem with plastic
    – Reducing, reusing and recycling
    – Climate change
    – The importance of clean water
    – Craft ideas, art activities and backyard projects

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  • World of African Wildlife

    How does a gemsbok stay cool in the desert? Why should you never pick up a bullfrog? Which predators have the cleverest hunting techniques? Why do animals leave droppings in the veld? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this informative and entertaining book for young nature lovers. Jam-packed with fascinating facts and photographs of animals in the wild, it introduces younger readers to the wide diversity of Africa’s wildlife, from mammals and birds to reptiles and insects, and much more. Additional fact boxes, did-you-knows and fun activities make this a book that can be enjoyed over and over again – whether at home or on an African safari.

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  • My First Book of Southern African Frogs – New Edition

    Frogs are appealing and colourful creatures and live just about anywhere, even in deserts. My first book of Southern African Frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and their calls – made instantly accessible in this new edition by scanning a QR code.

    A short introduction outlines the main features of frogs and includes an illustration detailing their life cycle. For each species, there is:

    • a short description in four languages, describing the frog’s main characteristics
    • a full-colour illustration of the frog, and visual clues to its size and eggs
    • a distribution map
    • an illustrated habitat bar with an arrow to indicate where each frog is likely to be found

    This charming introduction to frogs and their calls will keep children happily absorbed for hours.The parallel translations make this book suitable for mother-tongue learners in four official languages and those children wanting to improve their knowledge of a second or third language.

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  • Dinosaurs of Africa

    African dinosaurs are no less significant than their ‘celebrity’ cousins, such as T. rex, and they are just as magnificent and fascinating. Their fossils have been discovered across the continent – from the Sahara Desert to the Karoo.

  • African Wildlife Colouring Book

    Why do elephants flap their ears? Which big cat leaps into the air to catch birds? Which moth has large eyespots on its wings to scare away predators? Which bird’s call sounds like a soft chuckle? The answers to these questions can be found in this delightful colouring book, which will provide hours of enjoyment and colouring fun. There are 128 animals to colour in, each illustration providing budding artists and inquisitive children with interesting facts as they work through the book.

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  • Exploring the Seashore in Southern Africa

    With this lively guide, young adventurers will discover the many treasures along southern Africa’s shores, learn all about the strange and beautiful creatures they can expect to see at the beach and where to find them, then try the fascinating activities and make their own firsthand discoveries. A companion volume to the popular Exploring Fynbos,  this lively book is loaded with:interesting topics in accessible text, interactive activities ‘did you know’ boxes ‘things to do’ panels

  • Kinders se slange van Suid Afrika

    Ontmoet 36 van Suider-Afrika se mees algemene en interessante slange in hierdie lewendige en boeiende kindergids. Ontdek die besondere kenmerkende gewoontes van slange – waar hulle woon, hoe hulle jag, watter gevare hulle bedreig, en hoe hulle hulself beskerm. Meer as 250 bekoorlike foto’s ondersteun die teks. ’n Volledige inleiding tot heelwat kenmerke van die gedrag van slange ontsluit die betowerende wêreld van hierdie wydverspreide reptiele.

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  • Kids’ Snakes of Southern Africa

    Meet 36 of southern Africa’s most common and interesting snakes in this lively and engaging kids’ guide. Discover the intriguing habits of snakes – where they live, how they hunt, what dangers they face, and how they protect themselves, all richly supported by more than 250 captivating photographs. A detailed introduction to many aspects of snake behaviour opens up the fascinating world of these widely misunderstood reptiles.

    Kids’ Snakes of Southern Africa received an Honourable Mention at the Namibian Children’s Book Forum Awards ceremony held in November 2018.

    R180.00 R153.00
  • African Wild Flower to Read, Colour & Keep

    Colouring-in is a favourite children’s pastime, and here’s a new addition to Struik Nature’s ‘Read, colour and keep’ series that will give hours of fun, while also expanding children’s knowledge of the natural world.

    Why is Bulbine such a useful plant? Which flowers can we eat, and which are poisonous? What is South Africa’s national flower? Why do some flowers give off a rotten smell? What pollinates our beautiful flowers?

    Children will learn interesting facts while enjoying hours of fun colouring in this selection of our most striking flowers. They can consult the colour guide in the middle of the book when choosing which shade of crayon or paint to use for the more than 40 outlined images – or make up their own fantastically-hued flowers!

  • Amazing Coelacanth

    This colourful illustrated children’s book is aimed at ages 9-14. It recounts the discovery of the first coelacanth in modern times – a fish that had been thought to be extinct for many millions of years, and was known only from its fossil record.

    In 1939, a specimen was hauled ashore in a fishing net off the South African coast near East London, and its identification as a coelacanth made world news. Chemistry professor JLB Smith identified the fish and dedicated the rest of his life to searching for live specimens and researching the science surrounding this evolutionary phenomenon.

    This book, by ichthyologist Mike Bruton, uncovers:
    the mystery of the coelacanth and the thrilling story of its discovery
    its strange appearance and lifestyle
    what makes it so special
    how it evolved – and what this has to do with human evolution
    how and what it eats, and who eats it.

    These and many other details provide insight into this amazing fish and its marine companions.

  • My Southern African ABC

    A lively book to learn your ABC but also a colourfully illustrated guide to South Africa, its celebrated places and well-known objects.

    Seasoned illustrator Sandy Lightley’s bright illustrations bring the country to life while fostering an awareness of sounds and letters. There are fun questions about the elements on each page; and a parents’ guide at the back, with addresses and contact numbers, outlines key activities and places of interest, and will facilitate visits to the major sights and attractions.

    Aimed at tourists and locals alike, this vibrant book will delight and inform.