Braam van Wyk is emeritus professor of botany at the University of Pretoria. A leading expert on plant taxonomy, he has had an abiding interest in making botany accessible to the general public. He has authored more than 350 publications about southern African vegetation and flora, including several accessible botanical field guides such as Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Highveld (Struik, 1988), Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa (Struik Nature, 2013), Guide to Trees Introduced into Southern Africa (Struik Nature, 2016) and How to Identify Trees in Southern Africa(Struik Nature, 2019). He is also the co-author of the mobile app eTrees of Southern Africa.

  • African Wildlife Trivia

    Africa is famous for its abundance and variety of wildlife, making it a great attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Dawid van Lill has produced a book of amazing records, facts and did-you-knows that cast new light on our extraordinary continent. From lists of ‘largests’ and ‘smallests’ to detailed accounts of exceptional features, we are introduced to a wide range of facts about the world around us. A lively design and light-hearted illustrations make the book highly accessible to both young and old. For serious trivia addicts, casual browsers, those seeking out specific information, or to spark ideas for further research, African Wildlife Trivia will delight and intrigue a wide readership. Also available in Afrikaans as Natuur-Trivia uit Afrika.